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One piece grand trial

About the gameEdit

One Piece Grand Trial is an adventure, fighting game on Roblox. You can fight with swords, guns, which you can buy, and most important, devil fruits (also called DF). DFs gives you different kind of powers in different kinds of DFs. To have a DF, either you find it our buy it. You also have stats which the higher the stats, the stronger you are.

Stats Edit

In this game the stats show how strong you are. There are five stats: strength, defense, sword, gun and devil fruit. Each stat grants you different things when you train them. You can see your stats by clicking the stats button. It will appear a box like this:


+Level up Strength to increase max stamina.

+Level up Defense to increase max health.

+Level up Sword to increase sword damage.

+Level up Gun to increase gun damage.

+Finally, level up Devil Fruit to increase DF skill damage.

How to level up stats Edit

You can level up Strength by punching, or kicking when you have Black Leg (of course punching or kicking that makes damage). The Defense stat will automatically get EXP when you take damage. Sword and Gun, just use them (make damage). Last, Devil Fruit is a bit more complicated. From the info that i collected, Devil Fruit stat will get EXP when you make damage with skills that are able to damage. But there is also some exception, for example skills that can't deal damage. In that case, just use them. You will get DF EXP.

Swords Edit

Swords is a good way to defend yourself against enemy players and to attack people. Swords can be purchased in the shop with Beli, the in-game currency. Each kind of sword has 3 skills and a normal slash. Those 3 skills contain a ranged/shooting skill, a dash-to-target skill, and a close range skill, which is often the final skill and deals most damage. There is 2 one-sword, 2 double-sword and 3 triple-sword. Most swords of the same type is the same at skills. These are the images about sword skills:

1 sword style
One Sword Style (first Katana)
Key Skills Stamina Cooldown Skill type
E Lion's Song 300 5s Ranged
R Pound Cannon 600 7s Dash-to-target
F Dragon Shock 1000 10s Final skill (Ulti)

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One piece grand trial
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